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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the passion and love for reading books back. whether it's a regular paper book, or an online edition, we want our readers to know that we appreciate quality and artful storytelling. Join our community and enjoy multiple genres, modern and classic authors, reviews, critics and more!

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A book is still one of the best presents for anyone on any occasion.
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Great writers are pretty inspiring, so we offer the widest selection.
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You will find reviews of magazines, online sources and favorite books.
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Most Popular Authors

Thirst to read and learn? Wellcome to MOQOR, where you find knowledge and wisdom. The Somali camel herder walk and walk on the Guban in Somali Peninsula to seek MAANDEEQ until he become very thirsty, the lucky one finds his MOQOR and continue to seek his missing MAANDEEQ.. You are among the lucky ones, welllcome to MOQOR

As a member of our Cooperative Communities SML & GLOSOM most of this website and other own Applications content is FREE for you!

To become a member pls mail your membership request to these below email adresses or contact closest our network agency. or

Supported and financed by DG (DANGUUD) , ( Global social entrepreneurs network)

Serar Abdulkadir


MOQOR, the global books distributor with excellence service. MOQOR has agencies and networks around the Globe, thanks to our Global Community (GLOSOM) any book with any author you order from us, we we will seek, find and bring it to you where ever you are!

The Somali language is our main distribution capacity aswell other African and Asiatic language books. Our online catalog you will find any sorts of books you want, like  Bi-lingual children books, drama, fiction, novels aswell other educational books and materials including digital Applications like our beloved and well-known GuuGuule Application which uses more than 50 municipalities in Sweden for somali mother tongue teaching at primary, elementary and secondary schools.  GuuGuule also uses Somali Diaspora families around the world to teach their children somali language at home 

To create account on GuuGuule click

Mohamoud Hassan

Business Manager

Kusoo dhawoow MOQOR, dhiganeyaal xambaarsan xog dhan walba oo cilmiga nolosha ah… MOQOR waxad ka dalban kartaa buug walba oo aad uga baahatid dunida daafaheeda.

Sidookale dhaqaneyaalka kaa aflixinaya sooyaalka iyo taariikhda, DAL iyo DAD barasho, aqoonta noocyadeeda kala duwan… iyo wacyiga bulshada oo aan meesha ka maqnayn

“Ha is naafeyne is naash naash”

Dhaqan & Dhalasho

Yasra Yaasin

Regional Director