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Foundation of the Somali Nation-State

Author: Abdirazak Haji Hussein


Abdirazak Haji Hussein: My Role in the Foundation of the Somali Nation-State, A Political Memoir

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The Red Sea Press

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The author of this autobiography served as prime minister of Somalia during the period of civilian administrations (1960-1969) that preceded the military dictatorship of Mohamed Siyad Barre (1969-1991). It offers direct insight into the nationalist mindset of this generation of Somalis and their indignant rejection of the colonially imposed boundaries that in this post-independence period came to be legitimized by the Organization of African Unity. It also provides a first-hand and close-up view of the way national politics were conducted in this era. We owe it to the dedication and careful stewardship of Dr. Abdisalam Issa-Salwe that the late Abdirazak Haji Hussein s manuscript is finally in print and available to the public. –Professor Lidwien Kapteijns, Wellesley College Abdirazak Haji Hussein s Memoir, My Role in the foundation of Somali Nation-state constitutes a major, new contribution to knowledge on the modern history of Somalia and Africa by extension. The book not only presents, Abdirazak s role in the foundation of the Somali nation-state, as indicated in the title, but it is an unparalleled chronicle of modern Somali history, the making of which Abdirazak was one of the most prominent figures. One factor that makes this book extra interesting is that the author s lifetime coincided with a uniquely crucial period in the history of both Somalia and the world. Globally, it coincided with the World War II, the rise of liberation movements worldwide, the end of the colonial era and the formation of nation-states in the developing world; then the beginning and the end of the cold war and proliferation of military dictatorships. In Somali context, it was the time of a testing transition from traditional, rural life to urbanization; from colonialism to state-building followed by the collapse of the state as the result of a devastating civil war. This book captures the inner-workings of all these historical moments from the perspective of a participant-observer, focussing on the events and analysis of national and global relevance, rather on his own life story. The book reflects the stature of Abdirazak Haji Hussein as a widely respected statesman. Commentators of Somali political history (Samatar and Samatar, 2008) describe him and President Aden Abdulle Osman, who selected him as premier, as two peerless statesmen as Somali political leaders. Premier Abdirazak was renowned for his unparalleled efforts to build solid public institutions, to combat corruption and safeguard the rule of law. This is discernible in his memoir. He is one of very few Somali political leaders who have written their autobiography. Written by a statesman with such a wealth of experience and insight to a crucial historical period, this book is a must read for anyone interested in the political and social history of Somalia and Africa. –Dr. Maxamed Daahir Afrax, President of the Intergovernmental Academy of Somali Language The autobiography of Abdirazak H Hussein will definitely be a great contribution to the history of Africa and particularly of Somalia. Abdirazak s life coincided with the turbulent time when Somalia was under the colonial rules of Britain, Italy, France and Ethiopia. The colonial influence led the Somalis people to be divided into five parts. The way Abdirazak tries to write his life history is as though his life represented his nation-state formation. This is a great contribution to African history. –Professor Abdulqadir Nur Salad Takar

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